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Your Workout Gear Style Guide – How to Be Fly and Get Ripped this New Year


It’s about that time and we’re not talking about today being winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. The new year is upon us. You got those New Year’s resolutions and your new electrical ab stim to get you those 6-pack abs in a week, and your breakfast is proceeded by a precisely titrated 16 oz of celery juice and you’re a little salty because you’ve told yourself you’re not crushing pints of Van Leeuwen–at least for a couple weeks.

Your motivation is out of this world and when you go to the gym, your going in style because when you look good, you feel good.

We got you covered on your workout gear style. This week we reveal all the secrets of how to be fly and get ripped this new year.

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We had a HUGE number of people (3) get the movie trivia correct in our article last week. My mom was one of the three to get it correct. So really we only had 2 winners. My mom was pretty upset that she didn’t win the $25 gift card. Thanks, Mom for boosting our numbers by 33%!

Congrats to Travis and Justin!

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Remember our “wear all-natural fibers” recommendation a couple weeks ago? That is out the window for this workout gear style guide for the new year! Hanes Beefy-T’s aren’t going to cut it. You have to look good and feel good so we’re looking purely at style and function so you can attack your new year’s fitness goals.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

1. Workout fashion faux pas you have to avoid this new year

2. The Khloe Cover Up! How to look as fly as the Kardashian when you roll into the gym!

3. Finally, we’ll tell you the secret to manipulating your workout gear that’ll get you straight up ripped in 2019!
3 Workout Gear Style Faux Pas
1. Avoid wearing your black dress socks with your white sneakers.  This jacks up your mojo.
2. Avoid logo mixing.
Keep it simple by having some flow.  Gym juices flow 214% less when you wear Under Armour shoes with Puma socks, Nike shorts, and a Reebok shirt. There’s plenty of data to support this.
3. Avoid going to the gym looking like Jesse and Chester from Dude, Where’s My Car?
The only way you can pull off the all tricked out, over the top, from head to toe is if you are getting paid by Addidas. This counterproductive for your swag.
Your Best Options for Gym Workout Gear 

Do the Khloe Cover Up!

Our friend, Khloe, so fly! Check out her workout gear! She’s stylin and there’s no blue light gonna be creepin on her body or in her eyes. And, look at those red glasses!

Khloe might want to consider upgrading from that plastic water bottle for this.


If you train indoors like most of us, there’s a good chance you’re being lit up by toxic artificial lights. Most artificial lights contain a disproportionate amount of blue and green wavelengths of light. This will jack up your cells ability to create energy (think food). With a lack of certain frequencies of light (red and near infrared), you can drink all the celery juice and eat all the oysters and tofu, your cells will lack energy.

Do the Khloe Cover Up!

heard about the negative effects of blue light coming from your phone decreasing melatonin release leading to a crappy night of sleep. Not only is the blue light an issue with your eyes at night before bed, but it’s also detrimental to your skin and energy production. When your skin is exposed to blue light (without being balanced by red and near infrared) your cells produce unbalanced ratios of free radicals that damage the part of your cell that creates energy (ATP) and your DNA. Over time this results in chronic inflammation which is at the root fatigue and many chronic diseases like autoimmune this and autoimmune that.

Whether you are a dude or dudette working out in a gym your best bet is to do the Khloe Cover Up from head to toe.

The important thing to know is that when your body is covered up your production of ATP (energy) decreases and without enough ATP your cells become stressed.

Getting awesome light exposure before and after your workout indoors will help with damage control but it’s is like filling up the gas in your Ferrari before you leave on a trip and then filling up again when you’ve reached your destination. It’s good, but not optimal (see below).

Dude or dudette, do the Khloe Cover Up!

When your body is covered up, your production of ATP (energy) heads south and your cells become stressed.

Thanks for filling up my ride, Khloe!

by leveraging your WORKOUT gear!

The dude in the middle obviously didn’t skip ab day.

Working out outdoors with minimal clothes allows your cells to continue to steadily make ATP (energy from food that you eat).

It’s like driving your Ferrari across the country with a gas pump rigged to it that trickles gas on demand into the tank.

Actionable steps to get ripped (and restoring your health):
1. If you workout in a gym, expose as much of your body to natural light before and after your workout. Whatever you do after your workout, do it outside with minimal clothes. If you eat dinner after your workout, do it outside with the least amount of socially acceptable clothes.

2. If you work indoors, skip the gym a couple days of the week and get a workout in under the sun. Do it in the least amount of clothes, but not to the level that may scare the neighbors.

3. If you work from sun up to sun down, go outside during your breaks and lunch. Avoid wearing your sunglasses, roll up your sleeves, unbutton the top buttons of your shirt, and roll up your pants. If you work in downtown Phoenix, find a spot where the sun is shining to eat your lunch.

4. If you have autoimmune this, autoimmune that, sleep pathology this, sleep pathology that, consider ditching the gym completely and hitting a trail or park for your workout. You can easily do bodyweight exercises without equipment that are challenging and stimulating.

Happy winter solstice day today! Today is the most important day of sleep and rest for you. Get it!

Happy New Year!

Your Cornerman with love!
Dr. Thoma

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