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The Best Way to Be Bad

The amount of sunlight continues to decrease as sunrise gets later and sunset is earlier in the day. The decreased sunlight reduces our body’s ability to create cellular energy from our food making what you eat and WHEN you eat significantly important for your health. If we ignore this change in light patterns, we increase our risk of sickness and decrease performance and recovery. It is imperative that we take winter’s reduced sunlight availability into consideration. Foods that grow in the winter time with lower levels of light tend to have lower carb content which is nature’s cue to us that we should decrease our carbohydrate and sugar consumption along with increasing our resting and sleeping times.

Enough with the decreased sunlight and carbs! The next time you decide to have a cheat meal, be sure to check out our #1 recommendation. It’ll rock your taste buds’ world! The #1 cheat food: Van Leeuwen Vanilla Bean ice cream. It’s phenomenal! Even though it’s your cheat food, it’s best to find higher quality products without the toxic ingredients including emulsifiers and additives. Toxic ingredients commonly found in ice creams to be on the lookout for are xanthan gum, guar gum, carrageenan, corn syrup solids, potassium sorbate, calcium sulfate, Polysorbate 80, and artificial flavors. Van Leeuwen Vanilla Bean ice cream is incredible because it contains less than ten ingredients.

The good about Van Leeuwen Vanilla Bean ice cream:
1. Taste. You won’t find a better tasting vanilla ice cream.
2. It has high levels of calcium. Calcium, from whole foods, is essential for thyroid hormone function.
3. Sugar and calcium act like as antistress nutrients. Eat it after a workout for recovery.

The bad:
1. If you have an intolerance or allergy to dairy, you may want to pass.
2. High levels of sugar consumption in one sitting may cause metabolic challenges.
3. It’s a little pricey, but you’re worth it plus you’re not paying for the other toxic ingredients found in other ice creams.

Actionable steps:
1. Cheat less in the winter. Sunlight and RNIr help us convert food energy into cell energy. When there’s less sunlight or lack of RNIr, our cells store the food energy as fat. #lesslight=lesscarbs
2. Avoid cheating later (after 3 pm) in the day. If you cheat with that pint or two of ice cream before bed and get digestive issues that will affect your sleep quality. So eat ice cream for breakfast #joke.
3. Have that pint postworkout. Working out uses up glycogen in the body. Instead of being stored as fat, you refill glycogen stores in the body which will be used for future workouts. #mykindofpostworkoutsupplement
4. Cheat after a meal. Avoid eating the pint of ice cream by itself to prevent possible blood sugar challenges. #allabouttiming
5. Go to Whole Foods and get you and your best friend a pint of Van Leeuwen’s Vanilla Bean. Whole Foods is the only place I’ve found it so if you find it elsewhere please share with us!

Have an awesome weekend!

Your ice cream connoisseur,
Dr. Thoma

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