Summer Things You May Want to Avoid– Part 1 of 2

Sure, they cute. They convenient. But are flip flops jacking up your mojo? The annual return of the flip flop is upon us. But you may want to consider your alternatives for summer footwear especially if you have any of the following: 1. Plantar fascitis  2. Metatarsalgia or Morten’s Neuroma 3. Knee pain (patellar tendon pain, chondromalacia, meniscus […]

Your Best Shoe Options: Sneaker Edition

Cornerman just trying to ground on some concrete. All that hair keeps me warm. If you’ve ever had plantar fasciitis, turf toe, Morton’s Neuroma, painful bunions, you’ll realize the importance of having well-oiled feet. Jacked up feet such as having any of the conditions above or any foot pain, will likely lead to a train […]

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