Family Feud and Sunscreen: Helpful or Harmful?

Steve: Miley, give us your guess for “name something you smell at the beach?” Miley: the ocean water, Steve! The ocean water! Steve: survey says! Steve: Miley, that’s great! Ocean water was the number 1 answer! Steve: Kendrick, name something that you smell at a beach. Kendrick: sunscreen, Steve! Steve: survey says! Steve: Kendrick! You […]

Cornerman’s “Healthy” Restaurant Review

One of your greatest challenges of living a healthy lifestyle is deciding what to eat when you’re dining out on the town. We set out to help you by testing several of the “healthier” restaurants around the Valley. We had 2 rules for every meal. You’re still hot from  The Gas Station Challenge so we can’t ruin your 4 years and 8 […]

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