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Spring Cleaning and Upgrades Report from The Boss

First, and foremost, thank you all for your patience throughout our “spring cleaning and upgrades!”
By now, many of you have seen the creative artwork on our floors in the Cornerman’s office and the red and near infrared room.  Although the dust is still settling, the floors in the reception area and to the red and near infrared room are ready for the final stages of staining. (I think the Cornerman is going to “Bob Ross” it and create another work of art on our floors!) The new tiling in the entrance way (completed by your Cornerman – with a little assistance!) adds a warm welcome to your visit.  The restroom, as well, has a few more upgrades and surprises for you. (and I’m not talking about the “spritzer” surprise that got some of you!!!! Dave, Kirk, and Devon!!?) We are still waiting on a couple of significant upgrades in there – make sure you stop by in the weeks to come and check them out.
Ripping out the 1990s carpet from the red and near-infrared room.
Red and near-infrared after!!
Physiotherapy room before.
Our most recent project, just completed this week, is the rubber matting in the physiotherapy area.  NO MORE UGLY CARPET!
Physiotherapy room after!!
Check out the floor in our chiropractic room!
Our new tile at the entrance!
This is just the BEGINNING!!!! We are really excited about the completion of our “spring cleaning and upgrades.” We hope that all of you enjoy the “new and improved” Infinity Spine Center.

Make sure to stop by, you never know what we might be doing next………..

With love, on behalf of your Cornerman,

The Boss

(Also, we hope that all of you celebrating the beginning of Passover and Easter, enjoy your weekend with friends and family)

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