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Slingin’ Paint With Bob Ross Wannabe

How much time do you spend living in the moment? No, really. Think back to yesterday. How much time were you in a meditative state or living in the moment or flowin’? One of the best ways to get into a meditative state is engaging in the artistic process–Bob Ross it! Every time I Bob Ross it, I lose track of time and my spirit becomes calm in all the chaos of life.

The chaos of life that most of us live in is a relatively new type of chronic stress for humankind. This is a huge reason why so many are inundated by chronic mental and physical illness and fatigue.

The more chaos you have the more you need that magical meditative state.


Get your Bob Ross on!
Slingin’ some paint with your Cornerman (after inhaling some helium??) and Bob Ross wannabe!
This was the product of 2-hour backyard meditative abstract art sesh. Soul was feelin’ super fresh!
It’s April 5th! Art progress homework due!
“Yo! Cornerman, I don’t even know where to begin with this art homework you talkin bout!”
One of my fav art supply spots is Jerry’s Artarama. This place is lit with everything you need for any of your art projects. The employees are awesome and super knowledgable so they’ll help you with anything you need to get started.
Thanks to everyone who has shared their artwork progress with us!
Thank you to everyone that came to our pâté party! We had many adventurous paleoketovegans and non paleoketovegans give liver a shot for the first time. Thanks for your awesomeness! Be on the lookout for our next party announcement coming soon!
Congratulations to Don C.! Don won the $25 gift card to Arcadia Meat Market!
Get your creative juices flowin’!

Your Cornerman with love,

Dr. Thoma

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