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What is Really Causing Your Low Back Pain?

One of the more common low back injuries that we see is disc injury.   Studies show that close to 80% of us will experience one episode of low back pain including disc pain.  If you’ve ever had low back pain before you know that it decreases your productivity and kills your mood.

From my clinical experience, I find that low back pain is a lot of times the result of another joint not functioning well.   One of the more common stories of low back pain that I hear from people is, “I just bent down to pick something up and instantly had back pain.”

In order to pick something up from the ground we must bend forward.  Bending forward to pick something up is a compellation of many joints flexing, or bending so you can reach down and pick the object up.  Some of the joints that work to make this happen include the ankle, knee, hip, and spine.  Breakdown in any of these regions leads to compensation in another.

The hip joint is one of the most common areas for dysfunction that I see leads to back pain, including disc injury.  If the hip is not bending and/or muscles that support normal hip function are not working the back must compensate by increasing its movement.  This increased movement over and over eventually leads to disc injury or another type of back injury.

Due to increased popularity of workouts like Insanity, P90x, and Crossfit, we are seeing more injuries.  Most of those doing the workouts lack proper range of motion and muscle activation, especially in the hip.  These workout programs are great due to the fact that they focus on more complex movements that increase demand on your body.  However, the downfall of an exercise program like this, the “one-size fit all” type of program is that there is a lack of individuality to meet the needs of the person exercising.  It is essential that you optimize joint function before using that joint(s) under a loaded condition (squat, snatch, clean, etc.).

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