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Try this Stretch if You Have Back Pain or Sit


One of the worst positions that you can be in for an extended period of time is seated.  Studies show that sitting  or the sedentary lifestyle increases your risk for cancer and obesity.  Although the studies mainly focus on the decreases activity levels and energy expenditure, I believe sitting has even greater detrimental effects on our body that go beyond decreased caloric expenditure.

While sitting at your work desk, on the sofa, or traveling several parts of the body are in a flexed position.  One of the body parts that is in this flexed position is the hip joint.  When the hip joint is in this flexed position one of the muscles that becomes tight (shortened) is the psoas muscle.  The psoas muscle is a muscle that runs from lower part of the spine to the upper leg bone (femur).  The psoas acts to do several movements including bend (flex) the hip.  If the psoas muscle becomes tight due to sitting, this can cause forward (anterior) tilting of the pelvis and increased curve (hyperlordosis) in the lower back (lumbar).  These postural abnormalities can lead to back pain if not corrected.

The important thing to remember is that dysfunction does not exist in isolation in the body.  In other words, if you have a tight or weak muscle acting on one joint this affects the action of other joints in the body.  If your psoas muscle is tight your hip will not be as mobile which can lead to increased motion in the lower back.  Too much motion in the lower back can lead to injury such as disc herniation.

Above is a video showing a stretch that you can do to loosen up your psoas muscle and decrease your chance of back pain.


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