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Red and Near Infrared Therapy: Game Changer for your Health

Anyone that’s had a conversation with me in the last year or so with regards to health, you’ll know that this is one of my favorite therapies for increasing healing and performance. I first heard about RNIr from a neurosurgeon that’s a fellow member of a group alternative health practitioners that I belong to. My initial response was probably like some of yours: how can light affect our health? Sounded like a bunch of snake oil to me–until I started reading the mass amounts of literature showing the benefits in virtually all conditions.
In March 2017 I started using the RNIr.  Prior to RNIr, I was battling hypothyroid, anemia, and low testosterone. After 3 months of using the RNIr regularly, I ran labs again and was ecstatic with the results. Hypothyroid markers: gone; anemia markers: gone; and mid 200 level testosterone shot up to mid 700. After doing RNIr for 6 months my testosterone went up to 1219!!! This is almost unheard of.Studies are published daily on the benefits of RNIr (also known as photobiomodulation and low-level laser therapy). Have a look for yourself by going to

and search “photobiomodulation” or low-level laser therapy or even near infrared therapy.

If you or someone you know has tried everything, including the seafood, grass-fed beef liver and bone broth, fermented vegetables, local organic vegetables, vegan, paleo, but are still not humming along at your optimal level, we highly recommend you give RNIr a shot. Like anything else that’s good for your health, you will need to do more than one treatment—we want to be upfront with you and we will tell you only what we know to be best for you and your family. We are biological beings that thrive on frequent inputs, whether it’s exercise, chiropractic, nutrition, sleep, the sun, or RNIr, for optimal health.

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