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Our HOTTEST NEW Addition: Aftermarket Toilet Swag

3 Tips for Bum Spritzing Success 
  1. Create the DREAM STREAM
  2. Turn dial COUNTERCLOCKWISE  to spritz your rear space
  3. Turn dial CLOCKWISE to spritz you front space (not recommended for males)
7 Benefits of Bum Spritzing
  1. Saves on paper products
  2. Decreases carbon footprint (transportation of paper products)
  3. No sandblasting of your sensitive areas with abrasive toilet paper
  4. Less risk of debris left behind
  5. Unstoppable self-confidence 
  6. All day pep to your step, even after pooping
  7. No contortionist’s shoulder dislocates or go-go gadget arm needed to try to get your space cleaned up 
“Yo, Cornerman! I use wet wipes.”

Cornerman’s response: JV.

Improvements are happening!!!
We’ve had a lot of people ask about all the improvements that we’re making in our space. We are doing it for two reasons:
  1. Protect your health (to add to our already health-centered practice of filtered lights, no WiFi, etc.)
  2. Increase environmental sustainability
We appreciate your patience during these AWESOME changes!

Projected completion date is set for mid-May.

We are excited to share with you that due to the improvements that we’ve already made, the amount of daily waste produced has been reduced by over 75%!!!

See you soon!

Your Cornerman with love,

Dr. Thoma

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