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One of the most Common Tissue Injury and what you do about It

Tendinopathy (disease of the tendon) is by far our most common musculoskeletal complaint we see. Typical areas of tendinopathy include the heel, knee, shoulder, and elbow. Common symptoms of tendinopathy include stiffness that usually improves with a warm-up and increases with inactivity. The improvement in symptoms after warming up confuses people into thinking that they are better due to the near-immediate improvement in pain. Your knee may feel better after doing a couple of reps on squat, but it may be doing more harm than good. Movement improves tendinopathy pain as a result of signals sent to a part of your brain called the periaqueductal gray as well as increased blood flow to the tissues. Another common symptom of tendinopathy is increased pain and stiffness with inactivity such as getting out of bed in the morning. You may feel extra stiff in the morning.  You’ll know what we mean by this when you listen carefully to your body after a couple of tough workouts that leave you feeling less than recovered.

It used to be that tendinopathy affected the athletic population primarily. However, we see patients that do not associate their injury with sporting activity. In this case, there’s a good chance the tendon pain is secondary to autoimmunity in which the immune system attacks the body such as in rheumatoid arthritis or inadequate control of the affected muscle or muscle(s) at a remote site.

Actionable Steps:
1. Avoid stretching tendinopathies and avoid working the muscle in a lengthened position.

2. Instead of stretching, do isometrics with the muscle in its shortened position, then progress to eccentric work (slow lengthening of the muscle during contraction).

3. Do RNIr therapy. RNIr therapy increases collagen synthesis and speeds up tendon repair. It’s far superior to commonly used anti-inflammatory drugs.

4. Do acupuncture with electrotherapy. Current is how we heal it’s that simple. There’s plenty of literature on the benefits of this therapy and muscle activation.

5. Sleep. Sleep is huge for healing from ANY injury or disease. Your goal should be waking rested fully without an alarm every day. Yes, every day.


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