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How to Grow Peaches and Twig Legs

Do you know someone who suffers from Cornerman Twig Leg Syndrome (CTLS)?

We have the cure for those twig legs.

One of my favorite sites to find out what’s in season in Arizona by month: Fill Your Plate. Peaches are in season starting in May!
Do you want to grow a peach?

We’ll show you how to water your peach.

What is Cornerman Twig Leg Syndrome? 
Cornerman Twig Leg Syndrome. When your legs resemble twigs of a tree. Dude hasn’t skipped upper body day in over a decade.
CTLS Diagnostic 

The gold standard diagnostic for CTLS is the ratio of thigh circumference to wrist circumference.

<2:1: thigh: wrist  = positive for CTLS

Thigh circumference
Wrist circumference
CTLS Associations

According to the literature, the cause of CTLS is unknown. However, people with CTLS may have a history of:

1. Bro body: big chest and biceps but small, thread-like legs
2. Avoiding leg exercises like squats because of pain or other reason
3. Bench pressing on Mondays
4. Knee or hip pain

People who have CTLS may also have the following conditions:

1. Chondromalacia patella
2. Patellar tendinopathy
3. Chronic meniscus tear 
4. Osgood-Schlatter disease

If you have any of the conditions above, becoming a gangsta hip loader is essential.  If you bend your knee and it sounds like the sequel of the 1908 Tunguska Meteor hitting Russia learning to load your hip has to be your jam!

The cure for a shriveled peach and CTLS is becoming a gangsta hip loader.

One of my faves for becoming a gangsta hip loader is the shrimp squat.

Shrimp squat is so awesome it can also be modified to meet the needs of virtually any skill level. You can also do it anywhere and don’t need any fancy equipment.

Shrimp squat will get you gainz in several areas of your fitness all at once including:

1. Balance
2. Coordination
3. Strength
4. Flexibility

What Dis Shrimp Squat You Talkin Bout?
Shrimp squat to a box
Who wore it better?
More advanced shrimp squat
A Word on Shrimp Squats

The most important factor in executing the shrimp squat is to keep your peach (glute) loaded. You can load your peach best by keeping your pelvis in an anteriorly rotated position (imagine your pelvis is a bucket full of water and you are dumping water out of the front). But you must get the anteriorly rotated position of your pelvis from your hip flexors not by over-arching your lower back.

When your pelvis is rotated forward, it decreases tension in the front part of your knee. Tension in the knee is decreased due to creating more slack in the rectus femoris (quad muscle) connecting from the front of your pelvis to the top of your knee cap.

Imagine dumping water out of the front of your bucket when your shrimp squatting.
Think about these to be intentional in gangsta hip loading

1. Reach with your peach (sit your butt back)

but, my fav…

2. Contract your hip flexors to rotate your pelvis anteriorly (dump water out of the front of your bucket). 

Bro, you’re over-arching your lower back creating that stripper booty look. Get your ribs in a better position over your pelvis, Bro!
3 Ways to make the shrimp squat easier

1. Squat to a box (as in the video above). I use a couple of my Encyclopedia Britannica with a pillow on top for cushion.

2. Don’t hold onto the non-exercising leg. You can even prop it up on a bench behind you like a rear-foot-elevated split squat.

3. Hold onto something for support like TRX or squat rack or a dining room chair .

3 ways make the shrimp squat more gangsta (challenging)

1. Hold onto your non-exercising leg with BOTH hands.

2. Hold a kettlebell in front rack (in front of you).

3. Elevate your exercising leg onto a box.

For my nerdy kinesiology friends 

“One question, Cornerman. I thought we didn’t want stripper booty?”

You’re right–you don’t want stripper booty by hyperextending your lower back. As you bend from the knees and hips when doing the shrimp squat, you want to do active hip flexion which pulls the pelvis anteriorly. During the descent of the shrimp squat the knee bends which increases the tension on the knee. You better offset that tension or your knee’s gonna swell up like Rocky’s periorbital tissues after his match with Apollo Creed. When you anteriorly rotate your pelvis the origin and insertion of rectus femoris approximate to take tension off the knee. As a bonus, you create more tension in the back of the hips.

Get watering, my peach growing, gangsta hip loading friends!
Have an awesome weekend!

Your Cornerman with love,

Dr. Thoma

WARNING: the information presented here is strictly educational. Talk with your doctor to see if shrimp squats or exercise are appropriate for you.

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