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How to Get You Some Flintstone Feet

These dudes never had frostbitten feet. 

How many times did you get yelled at by mom for not wearing shoes outside?

Your mom was one of the first OG’s like Fred and Wilma. She didn’t give you nut milk with crazy synthetic vitamins, always made you the best paleoketovegan dinners, told you to go outside and play, and always told you to go to bed early. But did your mom make you wear shoes outside and now you have modern plush Antonio Brown(AB) Feet?

If you missed the news, here’s a pic of Antonio Brown’s (AB) frostbitten feet after cryotherapy. Please know I love the many benefits of cryotherapy. 

Having modern plush AB feet is like having Nascar slicks on your ride when you’re in Antarctica. One of the best things you can do to avoid modern plush AB feet is getting on the Fred and Wilma plan to develop some Flintstone feet. 

What’s this Flintstone Feet you talkin’ bout?

One of the main characteristics of Flintstone feet is a well-developed callus on the bottom of a majority of the foot. Flintstone feet are rare today due to Nikes and orthotics jackin’ your Flintstone feet mojo. 100 percent of the population in Bedrock have Flintstone feet.  

Don’t get it twisted. Some parts of your foot can over-callus indicating poor control of your body. If you have overt callus formation in any of the following areas, get your feet in check:

  1. ball of the second or third toe (see pic below)
  2. inside part of big toe or ball of the foot
  3. edges of your heel
Dude needs more than a pedi. Callus formation at the second metatarsal head and inside edge of the big toe are signs of poor body control. Not Flintstone feet.
Flintstone feet. Relatively even callus formation in black area of the foot. 

Make it a goal to develop callus formation over most of your foot. If you develop a little more callused skin over the ball of the foot by your big and little toes and the heel that’s perfect too (angles in triangles above). The skin at your arch should be a bit more of that modern plush AB speed. 

Your Feet and Your Brain

Your feet are loaded with nerve receptors that tell your brain about the environment. These nerve receptors relay information to your spinal cord and brain. Once your brain and spinal cord receive information about the environment, they send messages back to the muscles in your legs and trunk so you can make conscious or reflexive adjustments to protect you from being injured or get you to the site of your next meal or resting spot. Anytime you wear shoes, you’re dampening the input to your brain, and over time you develop modern plush AB feet and decrease all kinds of brain juice flow. Here’s our past article on better shoe options.   

Disadvantages of Wearing Shoes 

  1. prevent you from getting Flintstone feet
  2. decreases nerve signals going to your brain
  3. gives your foot support–this is typically bad news for most of us. 

If you have soft skin on the bottoms of your feet, you’ll be more sensitive to anything that touches your feet due to greater changes in the shape of the nerve receptors in your feet. Flintstone feet don’t allow as much change in the shape of the nerves, and therefore they’ll be less sensitive. If you have Flintstone feet that are well callused all over the sole, you’ll barely feel small pebbles and such which will allow you to be able to push through your foot without losing too much force production through your leg.

Another disadvantage of wearing shoes is they decrease the motion in the joints of your foot and ankle. Overtime diminished movement in the joints will lead to a reduced range of motion in your foot as well as poor control of your foot. If you don’t use ’em, you lose ’em. Refer to one of our past videos for some game-changing feet exercises!  

Check out how close your the nerves for your genitals and feet are in your brain. Are your shoes crushing your libido swag?

Your Feet and Libido Swag

The signals coming from your feet and genitalia end up close in proximity in both your brain and spinal cord. If you’ve lost some of your libido swagger, working on your Flintstone feet may help you by way of a neuroscience phenomenon referred to as spreading activation. Our nerdy neuroscientist friends believe that spreading activation results in local nerve excitement from the firing of close-by nerves.  

Kidney 1. It’ll get you out of your mind fast!

A Word from Our Acupuncture Friends

The bottom of your foot is the site of one the most powerful acupuncture points–Kidney 1. Kidney 1 will probably light you up for a brief second when it’s stimulated, but soon after you’ll chill out. Stimulation of Kidney 1 will get you out of your head even faster than any Bob Ross art project. You can get this “out of your head” experience by walking on a highly textured surface like gravel. If gravel is too much go do a couple of sprints in the sand volleyball courts at the park. The next time you come home all pissed off, find some gravel and walk 100 steps on it and watch how the pissiness escapes you. 

Fred all affectionate. Gotta be the bare feet. 

Your Action Plan to Flintstone Feet (Fred and Wilma Approved)

  1. Find a gravel patch and walk on it. Take 100 (50 on each side) steps daily. Pay attention to how it becomes more enjoyable on day 2 and even more so on day 19. If you don’t notice the increased pleasure, keep your steps at 100 for the two weeks. Do it DAILY. You must train your brain to be ok with the sensations created by the gravel. Do this daily-at sunrise and sunset. 
  2. After doing it for a week, and developing the pleasure of the sensations in your feet, pay attention to how low textured flooring like concrete and tile in your house is disappointing. Use these subtle clues to guide your healing. 
  3. Take note of your thoughts, energy, and emotions that you have before and after you walk on the gravel. Did your thoughts and emotions change after? If you didn’t notice a change, go walks some more on the gravel. 
  4. Take off your shoes (and socks) anytime you can. During your lunch, take off your shoes. Anything that covers your feet puts your nerves to sleep. It’s called habituation. It’s the same thing that happens when you forget that you’re wearing a hat when in reality you have one on your head.
  5. Use brain wiring to your advantage. Go to the park, take a sunset stroll barefoot with bae. Goodnight, loverbeans! 

Side note: AB is probably the epitome of Flintstone feet. He just happened to not cover them properly when doing the cryotherapy which resulted in frostbite. ALL of the NFL players that we’ve been so fortunate to work with have Flintstone feet.  

We hope you have an amazing Labor Day with family and friends and get in some barefoot movement, creative work, and sleep!

Have an awesome weekend!

Your Cornerman with love,

Dr. Thoma

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