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How to Clean the Air in Your Home for $.25 per Day

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Allergies and other respiratory challenges aren’t always due to airborne toxins. They can be caused by an overactive immune system. However, cutting the load of airborne particles in your home by using a legit air filter in your HVAC system can help reduce toxins from entering your lungs and body.

Before you go out and get your next air filter, here are some tips that’ll have your house as fresh as a little spritz spritz.

The basics you should know about air filters:

There are three main rating systems:

  1. MERV
  2. FPR
  3. MPR

MERV   What it means: Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value The higher the MERV rating equates to finer filtration, meaning fewer dust particles and other airborne contaminants can pass through the filter. A higher MERV rating does tell you that a filter removes a higher percentage of a specific particle as well as removing a larger variety of particles from the air.


What it stands for: Filter Performance Rating

Home Depot was on a power trip so they came up with their own rating for air filtration. If you shop at Home Depot for your filters you use FPR.

Here’s what you need to know:

MERV 13 equivalent: FPR 10


What it stands for: Microparticle Performance Rating

If you get your filters from Lowe’s this is probably the rating system you see. The MPR system is used for 3M/ Filtrete filters.

MERV 13 equivalent: 1500-1900 MPR

Home air filters are JV when compared to high-end home air purifiers. Austin Air Purifiers are the Johnny Manziel of the air purifiers–they are great, but not at the elite level. IQAir purifiers are the Tom Brady of air purifiers.

What kinda blower ya got matters   There are two different types of blowers in your HVAC: PSC and ECM. This is important to consider when selecting your filter.


It doesn’t matter what it stands for. But if you want to know, you can read–> here.

Old school blower. Not as sensitive to changes in pressure.

PSC is like the low maintenance boyfriend/girlfriend they’re always there for you. Not so sensitive.


Newer energy efficient blower but sensitive to drops in pressure. If you’re in a newer home you’re probably rolling with ECM.

ECM is like the high maintenance boyfriend/girlfriend…when things are good there are no issues, but when things are bad it’s costly and you’re gonna pay the price. ECM are highly sensitive to the slightest bit of changes. They are like the high maintenance friend that won’t take one for the team and eat Taco Bell on the way to the Diamondbacks game that started 45 minutes ago, and you’re still a half hour away from the stadium.

Bottom line about blowers

If you have an ECM blower be careful not to blow up your rig with a high rating filter. If you do have an ECM you may want to consider getting an air purifier like IQAir especially if you have a respiratory, allergy, or chronic health challenge.

Most important variable to be able to use a high MERV filter    Normal human words: a large filter area relative to the air flow rate.

In the article below, they state that a 20″ x 20″ filter area is the magic filter area. The filter I currently use is 20″ x 25″ and I haven’t blown up my old school blower with an FPR 10 filter. I’ve been rollin’ with an FPR 10 filter for over 2 years now.

Math nerds, read here.

If you’re rollin’ with a Little Tikes filter, you may blow up your rig. Or if you’re rollin’ with one of those new age energy efficient ECM blowers that’s a little sensitive consider talking to your HVAC dude.

Cornerman does not take responsibility for busted blowers.

“Good” air quality for Scottsdale is not too common. When there’s “good” air quality open your windows. Otherwise, beef up your air filter and even better get an air purifier

7 things you can do to freshen and clean the air in your home

1. If air pollution (check your iPhone weather app, pic above) is low, crack your windows.

2. Clean your kitchen. After every meal, wash your dishes and clean your counters and table. At least 1x/week clean your floors. Oatmeal chocolate chip crumbs and drops of Van Leeuwen ice cream feed bacteria that can become airborne and reproduce–decreasing your home’s air quality.

3. Take your trash out frequently especially if you have fruit, vegetable, meat scraps. These invite microorganisms as well.

4. Wash your bedding at least weekly.

5. Get an air purifier. Check out IQAir

6. Get rid of carpet. This stuff is a trap for all kinds of respiratory insults. If you have carpet, vacuum every .4756 days with a shop vac with at least 7.5 horsepower and that should help your situation.

7. Get some house plants. I like Boston ferns, rubber plants, and snake plants.

Pints on pints!

Have an awesome Memorial Day weekend!

We’ll see you at Peaches n’ Cream May 31st!

Your Cornerman with love,

Dr. Thoma

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