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The Weather is Changing. How You Can Own Old Man Winter

Are you getting stoked for December 21st–winter solstice–the shortest day of the year? I used to hate winter. Don’t get it twisted, I like summer better, but the more I obey the sun and stick to nature’s rhythm during the shorter days of winter, the more I appreciate the shorter days and all the benefits that come with them.


Obey your circadian rhythm, and your gremlins stay chill like this dude.

Major changes happen in your cells as we get closer to winter solstice. In response to less sunlight (big time red and near infrared), your cells energy production heads south. If you overeat or eat when it’s dark out, the electrical energy stripped from the food that you eat slows leading to increased free radical production. If the free radical production continues without you keeping it in check (by doing your freakin’ due diligence to obey the sun and darkness by eating and working at appropriate times of the day), these freakin’ gremlins go out hunting for your DNA. When these little gremlins get close enough to your DNA they jack up proteins that make up your DNA. When they jack up the proteins that make up your DNA, the way your body makes proteins goes to hell. This will first show up as fatigue, GI issues, then joint pain, then anxiety, then depression, then autoimmune this, and then autoimmune that, then neurodegeneration. All this crap from gremlins that are hanging out waiting for you to eat at 8 pm or do a late night workout when you should be resting and sleeping.


One of your gremlins that’s pissed off because you stayed up till 11:30 pm when the sunset at 5:15 pm. 



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Actionable steps to avoid getting sick this winter:

1. Go to freakin’ bed!

2. Sippage on some broth. If you’re vegan, drink some kale, chard, ginger, turmeric or other REAL vegetable broth that you make, not some store-bought crap in a container lined with BPA. BPA can jack up your fertility swag and hormones.

Harry and Megs are coming over. And they like broth. We got you! 

If you eat meat, make a bone broth.

Below are recipes for whatever type of broth you desire. We got you covered whether you need a vegan, quick prep, or Royal Family broth recipe or you just want a link to purchase broth. Broths are a great way to bring blood to your GI to promote healing. Add any of the below broths to your winter game plan to improve your vitality!Brah, you know I don’t do animal products. What’s that Green N Ginger Spice Broth that had you trippin?

“Brah, just give me a link to buy some bone broth.”

“Brah, I got less than 60 seconds. Give me your under 1 minute bone broth recipe.”

“Brah, I got Prince Harry and Meghan coming over tomorrow night. Give me your unicorn tears bone broth.”

3. Eat only when the sun is up. Or the gremlins will take you down.

4. Take a cool or cold shower. But do it in the morning or before 2 pm. If you’ve never exposed yourself to cold, start slow. After a couple days you’ll adapt and be ready for more fridged temperatures.

5. If you are considering taking vitamin C to prevent sickness or trying to get over a sickness, get it from a whole food source like kale or lemons. Avoid man-made synthetic vitamin C. Man-made vitamin C, like Emergen-C, can cause the Hershey squirts and cramping. Emergen-C is far inferior to what Mother Nature provides for you. Squeeze some lemon juice on your kale or squeeze some in your water to get your vitamin C.



2 “Cornerman is off his rocker” actionable steps (only for you, crazies):

1. Hang out in your swimming pool. Not the heated one. It’ll be around 52-55 degrees now. Start exposing yourself to these higher temperatures before it’s January and you shrivel up in the 45-degree water. If you don’t have access to a pool, hit up Balandz. You can take a dip in their 45 or 55 degree plunges. Start slow if you’ve never done cold baths before. Maybe start with a cold shower. Then transition to the pool for a 1-5 minute dip or longer if you’re adapted. If the sun is out, it’s easier. If it’s overcast, it’s brutal for the first minute and then again when you get out. When you get out, dry off COMPLETELY. I also recommend doing it before 2 pm as the cold may be too much of a stress preventing you from sleeping. Take it slow and build up.

2. Minimize/don’t use the heat in your house. Throw on another wool blanket and you’ll be toasty. This is a great catalyst for cuddling.

Have an awesome weekend!

Your cornerman with love,
Dr. Thoma

Top 7 Gift Ideas: Cornerman Style

Brain candy. Evolve Your Brain. Your mind plays a major role in your health. One of the most powerful things you can do in your journey is harnessing the power of your thoughts. Joe Dispenza, author, and fellow chiropractor, gives a pretty heavy lesson on neurology in the beginning but as the book progresses he gives practical examples and methods to help you keep your mind right. Dispenza has several books on thoughts and mindset. Evolve Your Brain was a game changer for healing my Achilles rupture, especially the 1.5 days following the injury when my mind was in the dumps.

Book: Evolve Your Brain

Audible: Evolve Your Brain

Instant Pot. Healthy meals are non-negotiable for the most part and there’s a common misconception that healthy foods take hours to make. You don’t have time, I get it! Your crazy ass doctor expects you to work out for 30-60 minutes a day, sleep for 9 hours per day, and meditate for 20 minutes per day so you don’t 3 hours a day to spend in the kitchen like Rachael Ray. The Instant Pot allows you to load it up, set the timer, then come back when you’re ready. If you cook for the fam, great! Just load it up and let it roll. I use the Instapot at almost every meal.

One of my faves is the bone broth and kale tandem in the pot. If you’re feeling adventurous you can throw in some ginger root or turmeric root to spice things up a bit. The kale cooks by the steam from the broth and any nutrients that are liberated from kale through the cooking process trickle into the broth. Set the timer for 1 minute and in less than 10 minutes it’s ready to go. While it’s cooking, you can get a 15-minute breathwork session at sunrise. The Instant Pot affords you more time since you don’t have to attend to your food like sauteeing kale in a skillet.

I throw it down with this Instant Pot


Mack Weldon, Pima Cotton shirt. Hold on! Before you start thinking it’s like your little league Hanes Beefy-T baseball jersey from 4th grade, these shirts are as soft as unicorn fur. It feels more like a tri-blend shirt without the synthetics. I’m a freak about how things feel and fit and Mack put it all together. I also like to avoid synthetic fibers when possible. When synthetic fibers rub together with many materials they create a charge which produces EMF leading to change in your cells’ function. If you need hard evidence, take off your tri-blend (cotton, polyester, rayon) shirt in the dark and you’ll see sparks fly. Polyester is a radon gas magnet and you wear it, radioactivity increases around your skin. If you have lung issues, you’ll want to take this even more seriously as radon exposure is a major cause of lung cancer second to smoking.  This applies to anything that you wear, including your underwear. Keep the guys down there happy. Throw on one of Mack’s v-necks with a pair of jeans and Chuck’s or J’s, or however you roll. Drip, drip. You’ll have 2 times the swag of Floyd.


Salt rock lamp. They clean the air a little but they look cool and they filter some of the crappy blue light. Go for one of the darker and more red ones to filter blue more. Use a red bulb for even more protection from the detrimental short wavelengths of visible light like blue light. The salt rock lamps can work as a transition for you until you’re ready for caveman candlelight. Salt rock lamps filter some blue light depending on their color but modern lightbulbs like LEDs flicker. The flicker can cause a myriad of issues from the suppression of melatonin to migraines and dizziness. You can test for this flicker from any light by taking a slow-mo video with your phone. At original speed, you won’t see flicker, but when you play it on slow-mo, you’ll see a flicker. Filtering, or even better avoiding, artificial light this winter is imperative for your health and circadian rhythm.

Local salt rock lamps


Red glasses. Everyone in the family needs a pair. If my original recommendation of the sexy Dewalts is not your speed, you can get some more swag ones.  This is Cornerman 101–you know!

The sexy reds I wear

If the above reds aren’t your speed, try these


Cotton, silk, and wool bedding. Using natural fibers for your bedding should be a priority considering you spend 1/3 of your day in bed and EMF affect your melatonin levels. Thanks to my Canadian friends, Dave, Kimberley, and Kristina, they hooked me up with a new silk pillowcase that feels like I’m sleeping on a cloud. If you’re local to Phoenix, check out the folks at Organic Living for bedding and some other crazy shit that we recommend.

Local Phoenix shop with non-toxic bedding


Magnetico Sleep Pad. Sleep like a boss! The first week of sleeping on my Magnetico I had crazy dreams every night. If you live near a big city or suburb or an apartment complex you need one of these. It works by creating a magnetic field around you to protect your cell from the clouds of EMF coming from your neighbor’s WiFi and the cell tower down the road. Because the part of your cell that creates energy relies on an electrical gradient to create ATP (cell energy), the Magnetico’s magnetic field helps support the electrical gradient in your mitochondria. The clouds of the electromagnetic fields that are created from WiFi, smart meters, cell phones, and other modern day tech devices jack up the electrical gradient which slows energy production. The slowing of energy production leads to your metabolism tanking and chronic disease manifestation. EMF, like light, decrease melatonin so get yourself one of these to sleep on at night.


Your Magnetico Use “Infinity15″ at checkout and you save!


Bonus: Kauai trip. Take a trip to Kaui and hike the Kalalau Trail on Na Pali Coast. You can hike 2 miles into Hanakapi`ai Beach and then another two miles to Hanakapiai Falls. It’s nature at it’s finest. There are a ton of other hiking trails, site-seeing adventures including waterfalls, and of course the beach to chill out and recharge your soul.

Have an awesome weekend!

Your cornerman,
Dr. Thoma

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