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Gravel and Pain in your Knee: Chrondromalacia

Does it sound like you have gravel in your knee? How about pain and tenderness around your kneecap? There’s a good chance there’s a tracking issue in your knee that you’ll want to address. Until then, try out this stretch for near-immediate pain relief. (please know that we do not recommend doing this stretch if you have patellar tendinopathy)

Bad news: this is likely not the long-term fix to your pain. The long-term fix usually involves assessing your feet, ankles, hips, and other body parts to see where your brain has control challenges. One example of how a part of your body can affect another is your foot’s effect on the knee. If you over-pronate your foot due to lack of control of your arch, this can lead to knee pain. Or during your squat, you try to keep your toes straight ahead by over-engaging lower leg and foot muscles–this will blow up your knee over time leading to swelling and degeneration.

You are a complex biological system of many working parts. If you have pain or control issues in one region, there’s a HUGE chance your brain has lost control in other joints as a way to compensate.

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