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Get a Little Bob Ross in Your Life

Do you remember how calming this dude’s voice was?
Think back to the last time you had Bob Ross time? Was it high school art class?

If you are like most people, you spend most of your day from the time your buzzing alarm wakes you till 17 hours later when you head hits your pillow thinking about what is next on your checklist. No downtime.

The only time your brain gets into the relaxing theta state is when you’re passing from consciousness into unconsciousness when you go to sleep.

In the morning you skip the powerful healing of the theta state from that freakin buzzing alarm that takes you straight from the unconscious sleeping state into an alert state.

Activities associated with the relaxing theta brain state are commonly referred to as “right brain” activities. In today’s fast-paced world, you probably haven’t done too many “right brain” activities since your last still life drawing in 12th grade. And if you were like me, you blew off most of the arts classes. Now I crave art and “right brain activities–probably from the euphoria I experience during and after Bob Ross activity.
“Right/left brain” are in quotes because they are metaphors. Both sides of your brain work in creative and logical activities.
“Right brain” activities entrain your brave waves very similar to meditation. You can use art as a form of meditation to help your brain get into the theta (relaxing) state.
If you have recently felt any of the following:
  • stuck
  • depressed, anxious, or fear
  • challenged by an addiction
  • pain (physical or emotional)
  • mental fog
  • lack of self-awareness
  • difficulty learning something new
  • decreased passion
  • increased self-doubt or self-criticism
  • negativity
 …it’s time for you to get down Bob Ross style!
Public figures (left to right): Katy Perry (word on the street is that she likes to sleep), our boy. Einstein, Conor McGregor
And check it out!

The earth’s electromagnetic resonance has a main frequency of 7.83 Hz generated from the ionosphere.

7.5 Hz is the frequency of your brain waves during creative thought for art, invention, and music, and problem-solving.

The freakin electromagnetic halo hugging the earth has similar freakin frequency as the electrical activity in your brain when you are Bob freakin Rossing!

Whaaa?!!! How dope?!!

Not so nerdy article from our boy Dr. Dispenza on Schumann resonance and your health
“Yo, Cornerman! I don’t have time for your 4th-grade fluffy arts and crafts projects! I got stuff to do!”
Bob Ross it (or do any art or meditation) for 40 minutes a day and watch what happens to your happiness and health.
Check out this dope metal art made my local Phoenix artist Ceri from The Collaboratory!
Here’s our art wall of awesome work created by our patients!
How art programs your subconscious mind 

Your major mind shifts usually happen as a result of a change in your subconscious mind. One of the most effective ways to change major beliefs and emotional responses of your subconscious mind is through theta brainwave activities like art and meditation.

You can use art as a vehicle to access your subconscious mind and purposefully create healing and change.

When you are in the theta state, your subconscious mind is more accepting of any healing related statements or mental pictures that you give it. Your subconscious mind begins to act on these statements or pictures when you are in the theta state. If you want to make a change in your thoughts or behaviors, this is your time that you have major leverage to install new ways of thinking and attitudes for personal growth.

Next level game changer: follow up your Bob Rossing with affirmations, prayer, imagery, visualization, or positive self-talk. You’ll be unstoppable!
Practice several theta state activities. Use the ones that you find most productive for your mojo. Establish a daily routine that allows time for theta state activities. This will help you gain experience and awareness in theta brainwave activities, like sound meditation, practicing no-thing, breathwork, and Bob Rossing. The more awareness of what gets you into the theta state the more likely you are to be able to “find” it, practice it, and love it!
Can you guess who this is? Click here to see who I was trying to draw.
I did the above portrait drawing 2 years ago. I sat outside and couldn’t believe that 2 hours had passed. It felt like 10 minutes. I got into that theta zone and the euphoria lasted a good hour after I stopped. Get on with your Bob Ross self!
Homework Assignment

Pick one of the following art activities: 

1. Drawing

2. Bob Rossing

3. Sculpting

4. Dancing

5. Any other type of art activity

This can be anything you want. You want to draw a landscape, portrait, or abstract? Do whatever your heart pulls you to. You can go to the park and dance or take a class. Whatever you want.

None of this…”I don’t know how to…”

Leave your conscious self-judgment behind
and get down with your creative mind!

Moves like JT. The other JT.
“Can I do my homework with Bae?”
Absolutely! You can do your homework with friends or family or by yourself.

If you want to connect with others do with your friends or family. If you want to connect with your subconscious mind fly solo.

One rule:
your focus is on the process of creating rather than the end product.
Two checkpoints:
  1. Begin working on or before March 22nd.
  2. Evidence of your progress is due April 5.
Your evidence can be posted on Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to tag @infinityspine or shot us an email with your pics.

Here’s my latest art project! The floor of our chiropractic room! We’ll finish it up this weekend!
This type of abstract work gets my creative juices flowing like no other. After I finished working this past weekend I had art-induced euphoria similar to a “runner’s high”.
Have an awesome weekend my fellow Bob Rossers!

Your Cornerman with love,

Dr. Thoma

WARNING: the information presented here is strictly educational. Talk with your doctor to see if Bob Rossing activities are appropriate for you.

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